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Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Bushes and hedges can provide stunning landscaping, or they can be a disaster ruining your front yard. Hire a professional arborist to maintain and the shape overgrown hedges or bushes. Homeowners, office managers, model homes and schools can make a huge difference in their visual appeal and general atmosphere with a little bit of trimming. Looking up on your smartphone "hedge trimming service near me" will bring you right to us! 

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    Shrub Pruning

    Bush Trimming Service

    Pruning Work

    Typically pruning is part of a health plan for the plant and includes the arborist working on your property evaluating the bushes for disease, infestation, and growth patterns.

    Pruning can create a visually appealing shape, but it can also help cultivate the best health possible for your plants. Long-term pruning plants will maintain your bushes and hedges look natural and allow them to bloom in the appropriate seasons.

    Shaping, as part of pruning, should be something you discuss with your arborist. They can explain what shapes will be best visually and best for the health of your buses.

    Year Round Maintenance

    Many homeowners attempt to prune their hedges on their own every couple of months, but bushes and hedges require year-round maintenance.

    During spring you want to ensure that the bush’s blooms can flourish without overgrowth from the leaves.

    During the summer you want to ensure that your landscaping is tidy and that you keep insects at bay. Insects can bring disease to plants, and an infestation can disrupt the plant's structural integrity as well.

    Fall is a critical time for bush and hedge maintenance as you want to prepare the plants for winter while also ensuring that you keep out any unwanted critters that may try to seek warmth in the undergrowth.

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