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Tree Service Lowell MA

If you’re having any trouble with the trees, bushes, or hedges on your property call us immediately. Our team takes pride in serving residential and commercial properties throughout Lowell, MA and surrounding areas. We provide a commitment to our community and our customers. With each job, our staff strives to create a safe environment for homeowners that means removing or grinding stumps and pruning trees for peak health. Tree services can also include tree clearing or scheduled maintenance.

Lowell, Massachusetts is a great location for many people looking to buy a home and enjoy life outside the city. It pairs New England charm and nature as there are bountiful trees throughout the area. You probably have more than a few trees on or near your property. ​

Regardless of your needs, our staff can take on any job with years of experience, top-notch equipment and outstanding skill in tree care. We guarantee professionalism for every job and manage every job from start to finish so you’ll only work with one team.

Within our massive range of services, we provide tree trimming, removal, clearing, stump grinding, bush maintenance, and emergency tree services. We strive to provide exceptional service!

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Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning and More!

We established ourselves among the Lowell, Massachusetts community by offering the best tree services possible. We know trees as well as how New England weather, and the up and coming city, can affect the trees throughout Lowell. We enjoy caring for trees and caring for our community.

Before anything else, our tree crew prioritizes safety. That means that we work safely, and we survey your property before starting any job to ensure that we work with methods that will leave your grounds in a safe condition.

Our teams bring in the right tools for any job, big or small. We have:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Lifts
  • Commercial grade tree chippers
  • Well-maintained commercial chainsaws
  • Experienced tree climbers

This equipment allows our staff to tackle any size job at a moment’s notice.

More important than our equipment is our well-trained, licensed and knowledgeable staff of arborists. We know trees, and we strive to help your trees have long and fruitful lives.

Our services include anything from stump grinding or clearing to pruning. We service residential and commercial properties, and each job gets the same amount of care and attention to detail. ​

Services We Offer

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​​Our list of service can be found on our services page, however here is a brief list of some of what we specialize in: 

Tree Cutting

Among our tree services, we provide removal, clearing, and pruning. Our goal is always to ensure that the safety of your property is the top priority. With a focus on safety, we can evaluate any property and identify the best ways to remove or clear unwanted trees.  To maintain trees, we offer pruning plans that fit your species of tree and aim to help your trees withstand the harsh New England weather. Often trees with thick crowns need thinning to last through heavy wind storms. Then through the heavy snow, unsteady branches can easily snap under excess weight. Outside of essential tree pruning, we offer removal, clearing, stump grinding and bush and hedge maintenance as well. Our staff provides full services for any of your tree needs. We provide friendly service with dependable care and outstanding customer service.

Because we know trees and have years of experience, we're the first choice for any tree care job throughout Lowell, Massachusetts. We offer free quotes and free tree evaluations on any job so you can decide what options work best for you and your property without the pressure of having a full team on standby waiting for you to approve work.

To get ahead on tree maintenance and to improve the vitality and life of your trees, call in a professional arborist. Lowell Tree Pros offers cost-effective and high-quality consultation, pruning, clearing, and removal. ​

Tree Removal Service

Many property owners struggle with deciding to remove trees. Usually, homeowners want to hang onto trees that may be too sick to keep, or property owners identify a tree as a safety hazard and want to remove the entire tree system from the premises.

Tree removal is a dangerous and challenging process; no property owner should attempt tree removal on their own. If you are searching for "tree removal near me", call our professionals who have the right equipment and experience to take down sick or unwanted trees.

If you think that a tree on your property needs to go, you should check for these signs of disease or decay: leaning, cracking, hollows, and exposed root systems.

Leaning is a red flag that there’s something wrong with the internal structure of your tree. A tree that leans too far to any one side or that bends through part of the trunk is likely sick.

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A diseased tree has a point where you can recover its life and help it heal. Unfortunately, the external signs aren’t easy to identify, and many people lose their chance to save a tree before they notice severe leaning.

To identify a leaning tree, take a step back and view the tree as a whole, any tree should stand mostly straight.

Cracks and hollows are another sign that your tree needs complete removal. A tree with a hollow is likely dead and can be a severe safety risk. Anyone near a dead tree is at risk of severe injury.

If you notice creatures living in your tree, whether they’re large and furry or small insects, it’s a sign of decay. Insects that take over your tree can cause irreparable damage that will result in having to get rid of the tree altogether.

Larger creatures may nest in your trees but don’t mistake nesting for living within the tree. Creatures can cause damage to your branches and result in the weight and structural integrity of the tree failing.

Trees with exposed root systems are also significant safety risks as they can fall at any time. An exposed root system is the sign that it has no stability. With state of the art equipment, years of experience and focus on safety we can schedule tree removal services right away.

Schedule immediate tree removal in any situation where you believe the tree may not be structurally safe, or if you are looking up "tree company near me".  If you need tree removal in Lowell, please give us a call.

Contact Us Today

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Your local tree service company is Lowell Tree Pros, and we're here to serve your trees. Our certified arborists take great care to take on every job with the utmost respect for your property and a focus on safety.  

Call our offices today or complete our quote form below for a free quote on any of our tree services. We also offer free tree evaluation for anyone who believes they may have a problem with a tree on their property. Call Lowell Tree Pros for exceptional service that is always safe, clean and friendly. Our commitment to doing things right stands out in the Lowell community.

Areas We Service

Across the city of Lowell Mass we have serviced countless properties by providing quality tree services. We are able to do any size tree job big or small. Coverage areas include Lowell, Chelmsford, Tewskbury, North Chelmsford, Dracut, Tyngsborough, and Billerica. Call us today if you need quality affordable tree services that won't break the bank or your property. We look forward to helping you out with all your tree service needs.



"I always prefer working with a local company, and Lowell Tree Pros comes through anytime I need them. As a developer I often need trees removed or trees cleared before building, and Lowell Tree Pros has the tools and the right price for the job. Solid crew."

​~ James S.


"They removed some large branches that were leaning on our roof. They did a nice clean job, at a fair price, and now we have more visibility from our windows, and we can work on making the necessary repairs to our roof where it wasn't possible before." 

​~ Janice D.


"Good guys, very friendly and pleasant, came out right away to give us an estimate. And we went with them because they were professional and responsive. Hard to find a good tree company these days, but these guys came through for us and took down a large pine in the backyard. Highly recommended!" 

​~ Bill L.