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Based in Lowell, Massachusetts and serving neighborhoods throughout the city our professional tree trimmers understand the maintenance that trees require while homeowners and commercial property managers have forgotten that trees need regular trimming for safety concerns as well as visual appeal.

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​Tree Cutting Services

Deciding to get rid of a tree from your property is difficult for homeowners. Trees can make a front yard look complete. They can increase your home’s curb appeal, and positively affect the value of your home.

But the risks that come with diseased, leaning, or otherwise unsafe trees isn’t something that any homeowner should be willing to take. ​ Call today for the best local tree service in Lowell.

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    Tree Health

    Remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches to help restore health to the main body of the tree. Insects and organisms can infiltrate your tree through these weak limbs and send the rest of the tree on a short path to death.

    Throughout the New England area, there's a particular aspect of tree health that requires special consideration, and that' the thinning of the crown. A dense crown can cause any tree to rip out of the ground during a storm.

    Thinning a dense canopy is essential to help younger trees have a chance to solidify their root systems. Older trees can benefit from annual canopy thinning as well. A professionally thinned canopy can increase airflow, increase the amount of sun exposure to lower leaves and result in fewer chances of disease.

    Tree Pruning Services

    Pruning is the best way to ensure that your tree is in peak condition all year round. An unpruned tree can become a severe health hazard for nearby trees and safety risk for the people living or existing in the area.

    Trimming for Safety

    It may seem unlikely, but trees pose serious safety risks. Weak wood can snap and fall on someone, and low hanging branches can entice children to climb on trees that aren’t structurally safe.

    You can correct many structural issues, and disease with trimming, eliminating crossed branches, and removing water sprouts or suckers can help eliminate the weak wood. Stronger wood is more structurally sound.

    The ideal tree structure is upright, without any leaning, and with branches that match the species of a tree while also being out of children's reach.

    To trim trees, you need a professional arborist to examine the tree and develop a pruning plan. Ideally, a pruning plan will anticipate the tree's growth patterns, and the homeowner will agree to prune the tree regularly to promote upward growth with a full crown.

    A significant safety issue that many homeowners overlook is co-dominant leaders. Co-dominant leaders results from the three have two primary branches at the top of the three that are fighting for dominance. Eventually, the tree may split or tear from the lack of unity.

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    Best Time To Get Trees Trimmed in New England

    Trees are a vital part of New England's landscape, providing shade, beauty, and ecosystem benefits. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensure their health and safety. One of the most important aspects of tree care is trimming or pruning, which involves the selective removal of branches to improve tree structure, reduce hazards, and enhance aesthetics.

    The best time of year to get trees trimmed in New England depends on various factors such as the species of the tree, the age of the tree, and the reason for pruning. Generally, the dormant season, late fall through early spring, is the best time for pruning as trees are in their resting phase and the structure is visible without leaves. However, not all trees should be pruned during this time.

    Deciduous trees, such as maple, oak, and elm, are best pruned during the dormant season. This timing ensures that the tree's new growth in the spring will be directed to the desired areas. Moreover, pruning during the dormant season helps prevent the spread of tree diseases and reduces the risk of insect infestations. Late winter or early spring is also an excellent time to prune fruit trees, as it promotes healthier fruit production.

    Conversely, evergreen trees, such as pine, spruce, and fir, are best pruned in late winter or early spring, just before their spring growth flush. This timing allows for the removal of dead or damaged branches and shaping of the tree before new growth begins.

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    It is worth noting that some tree pruning can be done during the growing season. For example, dead, diseased, or damaged branches should be removed immediately to prevent further harm to the tree. In addition, some species, such as birch and maple, may require pruning during the summer months to prevent the spread of diseases like Dutch Elm disease.

    Basically, the best time of year to get trees trimmed in New England depends on the tree species, its age, and the reason for pruning. But in general the dormant season, late fall through early spring, is the best time for pruning deciduous trees. However, some tree pruning can be done during the spring growing season, depending on the tree's health and the pruning objectives. It is always best to consult a certified arborist to determine the optimal time for tree pruning.

    Call Lowell Tree Pros For Tree Trimming

    For tree pruning, it's always best to call a professional arborist that can ensure safety around the trees on your property and optimal growth patterns. A professional can identify the dominant leaders in your trees and prepare your trees for upcoming storms.

    Pruning can become dangerous, and it’s not something that most homeowners can handle on their own. Call our office for a free quote now or complete the free quote form online!