Emergency Tree Service in Lowell, MA

New England weather is extreme and can wreak havoc on residential areas leaving fell trees draped across lawns or in the middle of the street. Other emergency tree service can come from unexpected fallen trees, car accidents or interference with utility lines. Call for emergency tree services as soon as you realize that the tree is the cause of a dangerous situation. Arborists will regularly work emergency first responders, and utility companies to take immediate corrective action that allows them to do their jobs. When you need emergency tree services in Lowell, Massachusetts call Lowell Tree Pros.​

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When To Call For Emergency Tree Services

Falling Trees

One of the most common emergencies is fallen trees or trees that are caught in the midst of falling. When trees aren’t able to uphold their weight, they will often lean, and removal of the entire tree is almost always necessary.

However multi-trunked trees or trees with large and open canopies can utilize cabling or bracing to keep the tree upright while a plan for pruning and structural reinforcement can save your tree. Cables and bracing tools help pull stress off the tree for a time.

Emergency Trimming

Tree cutting is often part of an overall health plan because removing any limb can significantly impact the health of the tree. It can cause the tree to grow in different ways and change the structural integrity of the tree as well.

Emergency tree trimming is often an action taken when there's some other factor present. Car accidents resulting in impact with a tree, or utility lines are cause for immediate correction. Get professionals to help in these circumstances.

Call for Help With Your Trees

Lowell Tree Pros answer calls for emergency tree services around the clock. Contact our arborists for immediate help. For emergency tree services in Lowell, Massachusetts, call today or complete the quote form above for a free online quote. ​