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​Remove Troublesome Trees

Deciding to get rid of a tree from your property is difficult for homeowners. Trees can make a front yard look complete. They can increase your home’s curb appeal, and positively affect the value of your home.

But the risks that come with diseased, leaning, or otherwise unsafe trees isn’t something that any homeowner should be willing to take. ​

tree removal lowell ma

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

If your tree has a disease that pruning won’t counteract, has a compromised root system, or is not structurally safe than tree removal might be your only solution. Maintaining dead or diseased trees for visual appeal is expensive and can still leave many unresolved safety issues.

Common tree types that have shallow roots or that are prone to breaking  include:

  • Tree of Heaven
  • Poplars
  • Mulberry
  • Willows
  • Box Elder
  • Siberian Elms
  • Norway Maples
  • Mimosa

These trees are all known for breakage and stifling nearby tree of vital nutrients. Unfortunately for homeowners in Lowell, these are common species throughout Massachusetts. These species typically have shallow root systems and poor internal structure.

50% Healthy

Many arborists will recommend leaving and rehabilitate any tree that is at least 50% healthy. Through proper pruning and trimming, you can restore a tree and free it of disease or even infestation. However, if the tree is less than 50% healthy, there's virtually no hope for recovering its vitality.

The external aspects of the tree, however, offer little insight into the internal health and structural stability. How can you tell if your tree is healthy? Look for significant warning signs.

Warning Signs of Poor Tree Health

Aside from a tree limb dropping onto your car, you probably don't take much notice of what your trees are doing in your yard. Once a month, take a step back and look at your trees, especially if you know you have tree species that are prone to breakage and disease.

Leaning Trees

Leaning is the tell-tale sign that your tree is internally decaying, infested, or diseased. A lopsided tree or a tree with a hard lean doesn't have the essential ability to maintain its weight. These trees are an apparent hazard.  If you notice your tree leaning at all, call to schedule a consultation with Lowell Tree Pros today. Our arborists can determine the health of your tree and provide rehabilitation options if they believe it's possible.

Hollows and Cracks

Tree hollows are picturesque right; they're what all cartoon trees look like, usually with an owl nested into the hollow. But, hollows, cracks, and crevices are undeniable signs of a dead tree. Critters living in trees, and fungus growing on trees are major red flags that your tree is too far gone to save.

If you notice hollows or severe cracks in your tree, schedule a tree removal service immediately.

Call Lowell Tree Pros

Tree removal services are time-consuming and dangerous jobs that require specialized equipment, license to use the equipment and certification for on the job safety.

If you see any signs of disease, you need to contact an arborist for tree removal. Typically, a team will come to your house, explain which options are available and begin dissembling your tree based on its species and the extent of the disease or decay.  Reach out to us now and complete our free quote form online. ​