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Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and inquire about our services! As an established, locally owned and operated tree services company, we are insured for all our jobs. Our priority is to provide great service for all our customers both residential and commercial, while keeping our practices safe and employing a solid team of climbers and tree experts. Our equipment is well maintained, as we know we are dealing with dangerous tools everyday and cannot risk being sloppy or lazy. We love our Lowell customers, and look forwarding to serving you! Contact us today.

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    What Is An Arborist?

    Small towns with quiet forests and picturesque tree-lined sidewalks need Arborists. Not to mention any historical park or nature reserve will require arborists as well. People have a strong tie to the trees in their area and Arborists do everything they can to keep their nature in your area healthy and thriving.

    The Tree and Arborist Relationship

    Trees have many redeeming qualities that can solidify their value in any community. Trees can:

    • Provide shade
    • Reduce air conditioning costs by up to 15%
    • Block cold
    • Obstruct wind
    • Refresh air
    • Reduce head within a city​

    Arborists lobby for using trees and other natural elements to create a desirable environment for the entire city or town. They advocate for the use of trees to reduce the heat-island effect in cities and to create wind barriers in areas prone to wind-storms.

    An arborist with work with a private company, the city or with the state to:

    • Plan for adequate use of vegetation
    • Plant new trees
    • Care for existing trees
    • Monitor trees for disease or rot
    • Take action to correct or eradicate illness in trees

    Why Hire an Arborist?

    Keeping trees thriving is hard, and in nature, there would be a natural cycle of a tree decaying and new life spawning up afterward. Unfortunately, this cycle isn’t pretty and can put homeowners and pedestrians in danger.

    Homeowners need arborists to care for sick trees, maintain tree health by trimming or controlling pests and in some cases,  homeowners need trees removed.

    Trees are hazardous to work around, and the situations that call for tree trimming, or removal require the use of specific equipment. The process is physically demanding, but that doesn’t stop people every year from trying to handle these issues on their own and getting hurt in the process. Arborists go through training and certification to maintain and care for trees.

    What Do Arborists Do?

    They offer services including:

    Ideally, you’ll call an Arborist as part of a basic home maintenance plan for regular pruning to ensure your trees are thieving. However, if you notice insects or unwanted pests you may have an infested or diseased tree. Arborists handle all of these aspects of tree and bush care. ​