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As one of the major cities of the Merrimack Valley, Lowell is home to many people. There is incredible history here and rich culture within its walls, as Lowell was a landmark in the milling industry. As you drive through the city today you can see many gorgeous brick buildings that once were part of the industrial revolutions. These days there is a wave of new and young business moving in and restoring these beautiful buildings, repurposing them as condos, restaurants, art galleries, and trendy stores. With the Merrimack river flowing through the heart of the city, the land is lush and green. It is a thriving city, with a lot of history, and many homeowners have planted their roots here. We love this city and strive to always service it's residents to the best of our ability, providing top notch tree services across Lowell MA. 

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    As it goes with many trees, the harsh New England weather can sometimes do a number on them. If you are in Lowell MA and have a tree on your property in question, or if it has visible damage or seems like it's not doing too well, please don't hesitate to call the Lowell Tree Pros as soon as you can. Better safe than sorry. We can quickly come out to give you an estimate on the job and get your tree removal in Lowell MA completed safely, correctly, and with no damage to your property or home. If we have taken down trees for you, we also offer stump grinding to remove stumps that might obstruct an area you want to repurpose, or sow grass on. Ask us today about tree removal and stump grinding.

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    Professional Tree Trimming

    Surprisingly, one of the main jobs we get called out for is large branch removal. We've seen all types of branch sizes, some from very large old trees, that are causing problems and need to be carefully removed. Oftentimes they might be obstructing electrical wires, or hanging too low on roofs. These types of situations are always best left to the tree professionals. When it comes to branch removal in Lowell, trust the pros and don't attempt to remove them yourself. This type of job can result in dangerous injury to yourself or your property if not done correctly and safely. What might seem like an easy tree branch lopping can be deceiving, and homeowners are often surprised when we have to bring in large equipment to do the job the right way. But as we say, better safe than sorry. We advise you to always call the tree professionals when there are branches or trees in question that need to be taken down. 

    More On Lowell, MA

    The fourth largest city in Massachusetts and sitting right in Middlesex County, is Lowell, Massachusetts. The town incorporated in 1826 starting its early years as a mill town. The founder and namesake of the city were Francis Cabot Lowell who was a notable figure in the Industrial Revolution. Although Francis Lowell took a strong stance in propelling the American Industrial Revolution forward, there are few mentions of his impact after the revolution quieted down.

    Today Lowell stands as historical preservation of manufacturing sites, textile mills, and many other factories. It also hosts the nation's second-largest Cambodian-American population because of the high volume of refugees the city took in during the Cambodian genocide.

    Transportation is the town’s most recent claim to fame as it’s a choice location for people to settle down while commuting into Boston. The Lowell Line is part of the commuter rail on the MBTA system. The Lowell Line connects directly to Boston’s North Station and has several scheduled run times throughout the day.

    Celebrate Lowell’s birthday in February and enjoy the many other festivities throughout the year. In March Lowell celebrates Women’s Week and Irish Cultural Week while in April there is a film festival. In May a Doors Open celebration encourages the public to access historical buildings throughout the whole town. People love this aspect of Lowell, Massachusetts because it creates a small town feel without the closing in effect of an extremely low population. The approximately 100,000 people living in Lowell work throughout Massachusetts but most people who have moved into town over the last few years work in Boston and want an escape from the larger city life. Major points of interest and local attractions include the Lowell historic park, the state university, the Armenian Genocide memorial, and Little Cambodia. Not to mention the city has a massive network of museums and galleries. The UMass Lowell Galleries have rotating exhibits, but the American Textile Museum has long-standing pieces that you can find year after year. Possibly the most frequented gallery is the Western Avenue Studios which is a converted mill that houses pieces from over 300 musicians and artists. These attractions are making Lowell a fun tourist stop for New England travelers.